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Privacy Policy

Fern Tree (Wedding Photography) is a division of Tim Hulme Photography.


All images on this website, on our facebook/twitter pages, as well as any images burnt to DVD or sent via dropbox, belong to Tim Hulme.  Even when work is commisioned, the image rights remain in Tim Hulme's name.  This is clearly stated on all quotes and invoices.  


Please do not modify or crop any of our images without express written permission.  This includes, but is not limited to, applying instagram filters to the images, and/or cropping out the ferntree.co.za signature.


ANY UNAUTHORISED USE WILL RESULT IN LEGAL ACTION. We have been down this road before, against massive corporates, and are yet to lose.  So please can we avoid this unpleasantness.


If you are a makeup artist, wedding venue, decor supplier, or any other type of supplier, please get in touch and we will almost always make some of the relevant images available to you.


If you are a client or a friend of a client, please contact us and we will gladly help you with what you need.


Image theft is a crime, and we will act accordingly.

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